Open-Top Tanks

Open-Top Tanks
Open-Top Tanks Image

Process-oriented tanks that are typically used for blending or for containment. Open-top tanks often incorporate the use of mixer bridges.


Open-Top Tanks

LugsDrawingsGal. per
Inch Chart
F.O.B.Stock NumberNominal CapacityApprox. O.D.Approx. Overall HeightLid SizeLadder HeightTank Weight
2D CAD 2D PDF115146501465014'-0"13'-1"3100
2D CAD 2D PDF115123001230012'-0"15'-0"2900
2D CAD 2D PDF115103501035012'-0"12'-7"2400
2D CAD 2D PDF11508400840012'-0"10'-2"1600
2D CAD 2D PDF11506900690012'-0"8'-4"1250
2D CAD 2D PDF11505000500012'-0"6'-0"850
2D CAD 2D PDF1150420042008'-0"11'-5"900
2D CAD 2D PDF11504000400010'-0"6'-11"725
2D CAD 2D PDF7150365036508'-6"9'-0"750
2D CAD 2D PDF4150305030508'-0"8'-5"750
2D CAD 2D PDF1150290029008'-0"7'-11"750
2D CAD 2D PDF11502890289010'-0"5'-0"600
2D CAD 2D PDF4150265026508'-0"7'-3"720
2D CAD 2D PDF4150200020008'-0"5'-7"520
2D CAD 2D PDF1150180018006'-1"8'-7"350
2D CAD 2D PDF7150180018006'-1"8'-6"400
2D CAD 2D PDF7150175017507'-9"5'-1"275
2D CAD 2D PDF1150160016005'-1"10'-10"380
2D CAD 2D PDF1150120012006'-1"5'-7"300
2D CAD 2D PDF7150120012007'-8"3'-8"250
2D CAD 2D PDF7150115011506'-1"5'-7"200
2D CAD 2D PDF715009609605'-4"6'-0"195
2D CAD 2D PDF115007607606'-1"3'-7"200
2D CAD 2D PDF715007157156'-1"3'-6"125
2D CAD 2D PDF115007107105'-1"4'-9"140
2D CAD 2D PDF715007007005'-1"4'-9"140
2D CAD 2D PDF115005155154'-0"5'-7"140
2D CAD 2D PDF415004704703'-10"5'-8"160
2D CAD 2D PDF115003703704'-0"4'-0"90
2D CAD 2D PDF715003603604'-0"4'-0"85
2D CAD 2D PDF415003303303'-10"4'-0"110
2D CAD 2D PDF115001601603'-1"3'-0"70
2D CAD 2D PDF415001601602'-7"4'-4"70
2D CAD 2D PDF715001551553'-1"3'-0"60
2D CAD 2D PDF118001501502'-7"4'-2"70
2D CAD 2D PDF118001001002'-4"3'-6"56
2D CAD 2D PDF11500055551' -11''2'-10.5"25
2D CAD 2D PDF11800050501'-10"3'-0"30

* Diameter does not include flange.

Weights are approximate for shipping estimates only.