Designed for the operator. Built for the long haul.

Poly Processing's PolyToteIntroducing Poly Processing's new Intermediate Bulk Containers. 

Our IBC is Designed with the Operator in Mind

This was our commitment when we took on the task of creating the industry’s best-in-class 330-gallon IBC unit. As we headed to the drawing board, we focused on delivering a more robust and worker-friendly product. The result is PolyTote, an IBC unit that takes transport storage to a whole new level of strength, utility and durability.

Innovative Design Leaves Nothing to Chance

Our tank delivers the built-in safety of fused valve construction to prevent leaks, with no threads to seal or risky metal connecters. And for added protection, the tank is safely recessed within the skid’s footprint. The 330-gallon nominal capacity PolyTote consists of three components: the tank, the cap and the skid.

The units are forklift-friendly and stackable with both PolyTotes and most other all-plastic IBC units. The PolyTote was subjected to stringent, third-party testing and passed with flying colors. Our unit provides complete DOT certification for hazardous chemicals with a 1.9 specific gravity rating. We encourage the toughest applications the marketplace has to offer.

Poly Tote Pump Insertion

Safer, Simplified Solutions 

To create this new product, we asked, we listened and we designed a tote solution to answer everyday challenges in the transport and storage of chemicals.

For easier pump insertion, our PolyTote design offers a full 6-inch opening underneath a 7-inch cap — larger than the industry standard. The large ‘doghouse’ access facilitates easier visual inspection and connections. With our optional quick-connect brackets, operators can secure pumps and hoses atop the skid with minimal effort — design changes which result in safer, more efficient operations.


Download the PolyTote Guide