About Poly Processing

Known as the leader in crosslinked polyethylene chemical tanks, Poly Processing is dedicated to storage safety, as well as operational and cost-effectiveness. Poly Processing continues to work on raising the standards of the industry and to develop new and better storage systems that are based on customer needs and market feedback.

Formerly known as the Abell Company, Poly was founded in 1955 as an agricultural distribution service. In 1970, the Abell family recognized a need for better storage solutions for corrosive chemicals. They developed a process for rotomolded, crosslinked plastic storage as an alternative to FRP, stainless steel and lined steel. Today, Poly Processing has manufacturing facilities in Louisiana, California and Virginia.

Poly Processing works with industry professionals and major educational facilities to research and develop further advances in chemical storage.

While Poly is known for its technological innovations, it is also known for its human approach to business and service. Here, every phone call is answered by a person, not a machine – and customer service is at the heart of all we do.