Sulfuric Acid Tank

Through a combination of innovative features, Poly Processing creates the ideal system for sulfuric acid storage. With their robust load tolerance, crosslinked polyethylene tanks can more than handle the chemical’s heavy weight. The molecular bonding of XLPE and tank wall thickness is particularly important in the bottom third of the tank, where high levels of load are concentrated.

You can use any Poly Processing tank less than 11,000 gallons and under 15 feet tall to store sulfuric acid. This includes Sloped IMFO®, IMFO®, Vertical, and SAFE-Tank® Systems.

If secondary containment is not present, the Poly Processing SAFE-Tank® is a smart choice. Along with containing the chemical from its surrounding environment, this double-walled tank greatly lowers the risk for hazardous contact of sulfuric acid with water. SAFE-Tank® systems are designed with OR-1000™.

If secondary containment* is present, the IMFO® tank is recommended. With the use of an IMFO® system instead of mechanical fittings, the tank’s structural integrity is maximized. Combine this tank design with the OR-1000™ system, and oxidation is reduced dramatically.

All of these features lead to a safer tank – designed to reduce safety risks and improve the longevity of the system.

For additional information on storing sulfuric acid, including recommended storage tanks and components, download our Sulfuric Acid Position Statement below.

Download Sulfuric Acid Position Statement

 Challenging a storage tank’s strength and design safety

Sulfuric acid is used in a huge array of industrial applications, from water and wastewater treatment to the manufacture of chemicals, fertilizer and car batteries.

This highly exothermic acid presents serious storage challenges:

  • Sulfuric acid is an extremely heavy chemical that will test the mechanical integrity of any material.
  • The addition of water to concentrated sulfuric acid leads to the dispersal of a sulfuric acid aerosol – or worse yet, an explosion.
  • If sulfuric acid is spilled on metals, it can create highly flammable hydrogen gas.
  • Skin and other bodily burns from sulfuric acid are potentially more serious than burns from other strong acids. Sulfuric acid dehydrates whatever it touches, and the heat caused by that reaction with water can create secondary thermal damage.

Poly Processing’s tanks and fittings can be combined specifically to contain sulfuric acid, reducing the risks presented by this highly acidic chemical.

Looking for more information on sulfuric acid storage? Read our complete storage guide.

Sulfuric Acid Storage Guide

* Containment tank is required with this chemical in all applications.