Peracetic acid tanks in a wastewater facility

One of the strongest oxidizing chemicals used in the industry

Peracetic Acid also known as PAA is an organic chemical compound that is formed by blending hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid (the primary component in vinegar). It is colorless and has a pungent vinegar odor. PAA is a highly reactive antimicrobial agent that breaks down to acetic acid, oxygen, and water leaving no harmful residue. PAA also removes surface contaminants, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

PAA is a widely used chemical in healthcare, produce processing, beef and poultry processing, aseptic packaging & filling and water treatment because it is a highly effective antimicrobial agent that decreases the incidents of pathogenic organisms in or on food and helps reduce the number of decay or food spoilage organisms normally present in the processing of meat, dairy, poultry, seafood and vegetable food items.

The most effective ways to prevent over-exposure to PAA is to minimize the amount of vapor, mist or droplets that come into direct contact with employees by providing adequate storage, containment, ventilation, and process controls.

Poly Processing’s tanks and fitting systems can be combined specifically to safely contain PAA, reducing the risks presented by this highly oxidizing chemical.

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