PolyGard TankUse PolyGard™ for lining steel vessels for increased performance and better chemical storage solutions.

Extremely durable, chemically-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and greater longevity than competitive technologies. Bonded to stainless steel or carbon steel vessels.

Benefits of PolyGard™

  • Peace of Mind
    • The structural integrity of steel plus the chemical & corrosion resistance of polyethylene
  • Environmental Care
    • Guards against costly spills and damage to the environment, especially off-shore
  • Leveraged Investment
    • Longer product life cycle versus Tnemec, Phenolic or Rubber “Spray-In” liners
    • 0.25″ nominal thickness versus 0.06″ thickness for “spray-in” liners
    • Multi-use service applications

2200 gallon brine tank

The PolyGard™ system is ideal for:

  • Storage vessels used in the gas and oil industry, where high-pressure and high-temperature substances are common
  • Roll-off tanks for oilfield services
  • Offshore vessels, Coast Guard-approved vessels and construction sites, to mitigate the risk of spills that could cause serious ecological damage
  • D.O.T.-approved tanker trailers
  • Lining of IBC’s – Intermediate Bulk Containers
  • The lining of pipes with larger diameters, to help maintain the integrity of the steel pipe

How It Works

Bring your steel tank or vessel to Poly Processing, or contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Photo of blue steel vessels

We’ll use our proprietary rotational molding process to ionically bond the PolyGard™ system to the steel, creating a homogenous and consistent product. The robust, seamless lining system will prevent highly oxidizing chemicals such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, ammonia, and other compounds from attacking the steel surface, greatly extending the life of the tank.

Learn More About PolyGard

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