SAFE-Surge® Manway Covers

Emergency air surge protection for pneumatic-filled tanks

Poly’s SAFE-Surge® manway covers ensure that your tank maintains the proper ACFM at all times – even in the event of air surges that can’t be handled by primary venting. This system was designed specifically for pneumatic-filled tanks.

SAFE-Surge® Manway CoverSAFE-Surge®:

  • Is never to be considered part of your primary venting.
  • Releases at a 6-inch water column to prevent over-pressurization.
  • Features an easy inspection port.
  • Is available for 19- and 24-inch manways.

This cover is REQUIRED in pneumatic filling operations excluding scrubbers. For detailed venting requirements, please refer to our Venting Chart.

Download SAFE-Surge® manway cover literature

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