Integrally molded for major hazard control

Traditional tank maintenance can be a challenge with many chemicals – so Poly has developed a unique system that helps minimize the hazards associated with traditional vertical tank maintenance.

With Poly’s Integrally Molded Flanged Outlet, or IMFO® system, the flange is molded while the tank is processing, making it a stress-free part of the tank. The flange is created from the same material as the tank – it’s not an insert introduced during or at post-production.

IMFO® photoAdvantages of IMFO®

  • Since the flange is at the bottom of the tank, full drainage is achieved below the tank knuckle radius, which can eliminate the need to enter the tank for cleaning.
  • One-piece construction enhances long-term performance of the tank, since it doesn’t compromise the tank hoop’s integrity or structural design.
  • In aggressive applications, the complete flange face is protected by the OR-1000™ system, which offers superior antioxidant strength.
  • The IMFO’s design brings you the highest amount of static head pressure, which contributes to the highest net positive suction head (NPSH) of any vertical non-coned tank.

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For additional information on IMFO®, including recommended storage tanks and components, download our IMFO® Guide below.

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