Hydrochloric Acid Tank

Controlling a chemical – and its fumes

Also known as muriatic acid, hydrochloric acid is used to acidize petroleum wells, remove scales from boilers, aid in ore reduction and serve as a chemical intermediate, among other applications.

This pungent liquid is a strong, highly corrosive acid, and it presents serious storage challenges:

  • Hydrochloric acid has an extremely low pH, making it highly corrosive.
  • The chemical creates toxic fumes that can deteriorate equipment – and these fumes can be fatal to employees. To control the chemical’s fumes, the tank’s venting system must be exact.
  • Tank maintenance can also be an issue because of fuming. Entering the tank must be avoided at all costs, and part replacement must be minimized.

By creating a strong, corrosion-resistant tank system that ties into a scrubber system, all of these issues can be addressed.

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