PolyBase platform for a sloped bottom tankNOTE: While this page is dedicated primarily to the new Polyurethane PolyBase, Poly Processing continues to manufacture and ship crosslink PolyBases as well.

One of our newer innovations, the PolyBase platform for our Sloped Bottom Vertical Tanks with IMFO® is a stronger-than-ever chemical tank pad that’s engineered to handle more pressure and larger tanks.

Our new PolyBase supports a broader spectrum of chemical storage applications and outperforms our previous line.

Polyurethane PolyBase Advantages

  • Rated at 48 psi for taller or larger tanks
  • Fully encapsulated with a moisture impermeable and chemical resistant barrier which eliminates corrosive properties that can lead to CUI or corrosion under insulation
  • Portable installation – doesn’t require constructing a permanent structure
  • Cost-effective – save money over permanent concrete structures that require earthwork, engineering and costly concrete work
  • Seamless design ensures that the entire tank bottom is fully supported.

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