SAFE-Tank® Double Wall Tank System

SAFE-Tank® Double Wall Tank System
SAFE-Tank® Double Wall Tank System Image

Our innovative SAFE-Tank® double wall storage and containment system, the "tank within a tank", provides customers with a leveraged investment that offers peace of mind and environmental care. Our high density crosslinked polyethylene SAFE-Tank® double wall system alleviates the need to build large, high-maintenance concrete containment areas. In the event of a spill, the SAFE-Tank® double wall system's all-in-one design features a protected containment area that will safely isolate reactive chemicals, protect your employees from harm, and protect you from environmental remediation, all within the footprint of a standard vertical tank.

Available with the OR-1000 system

Learn about the bellows transition fitting

Small SAFE-Tank® pocket fitting drawing

Advantages of the SAFE-Tank® double wall tank system

  • Provides 110% secondary containment.
  • Will equalize the liquid and allow the chemical to be continually used until it is convenient to repair the tank.
  • Is ideal for chemicals like sulfuric acid that can have dangerous exothermic reactions to water.
  • Eliminates the expense, cost and maintenance of secondary concrete containment.
  • Minimizes the system’s footprint by providing secondary containment in a more compact way.
  • Adding a bellows transition fitting will maximize your SAFE-Tank® system's performance.

For additional information, check out our comprehensive Secondary Containment Guide or download the SAFE-TANK® double wall product guide. 

Download the SAFE-TANK® double wall product guide  


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Choose the factory closest to you for the best freight rates. If a tank from a more distant factory is required for volume or dimensions, we may be able to equalize freight to make it the same as another choice. We have trucks that go between factories and other arrangements. Please inquire through your salesperson for details.

NOTE: To view 3D CAD files, you may use the viewer located here. For a free PDF viewer, please click here.

Columns in the table below with arrows in the heading can be sorted by clicking the arrows.

LugsDrawingGal. per Inch ChartStock NumberF.O.B.Nominal Cap.Approx. O.D.Approx. HeightLid SizeLadder HeightTank Weight
L 2D PDF 2D CAD 3D CADPDFAssemblyLA870011'-11"14'-10 1/2"24"15'5400
2D PDF2008700LA2800
2D PDF2110150LA2600
L 2D PDF 2D CAD 3D CADPDFAssemblyLA, CA665010'-2"14'-9 1/2"24"15'4400
2D PDF2006650LA, CA2300
2D PDF2107450LA, CA2100
L 2D PDF 2D CAD 3D CADPDFAssemblyLA540011'-11"10'-1/2"24"10'2750
2D PDF2005400LA1400
2D PDF2106300LA1350
L 2D PDF 2D CAD 3D CADPDFAssemblyVA440010'-3"10'-4 1/4"24"10'2250
2D PDF2004400VA1050
2D PDF2104950VA1200
2D PDF 2D CAD 3D CADPDFAssemblyCA435010'-3"10'-4 1/4"24"10'2125
2D PDF2004350CA1225
2D PDF2104950CA900
L 2D PDF 2D CAD 3D CADPDFAssemblyLA315010'-2"8'-1 1/2"24"8'1960
2D PDF2003150LA980
2D PDF2103550LA980
L 2D PDF 2D CAD 3D CADPDFAssemblyLA25008'-0"10'-5 3/4"17"10'1300
2D PDF2002500LA650
2D PDF2103100LA650
2D PDF 2D CAD 3D CADPDFAssemblyVA15508'-0"7'-5 3/4"17"7'800
2D PDF2001550VA400
2D PDF2101950VA400
2D PDF 2D CAD 3D CADPDFAssemblyCA10156'-5"7'-1/2"17"7'490
2D PDF2001015CA250
2D PDF2101200CA240
2D PDF 2D CAD 3D CADPDFAssemblyVA10006'-5"7'-1"17"7'490
2D PDF2001000VA250
2D PDF2101200VA240
2D PDF 2D CAD 3D CADPDFAssemblyVA, CA7505'-0"8'-2 1/2"17"9'400
2D PDF2000750VA, CA200
2D PDF2100940VA, CA200
2D PDF 2D CAD 3D CADPDFAssemblyLA5406'-5"4'-5 3/4"17"360
2D PDF2000540LA185
2D PDF2100655LA180
2D PDF 2D CAD 3D CADPDFAssemblyVA, CA4054'-0"6'-1/2"7"280
2D PDF 2D CAD 3D CADPDFAssemblyVA, CA2503'-11"4'-5 1/4"7"200
2D PDF 2D CAD 3D CADPDFAssemblyLA, VA, CA1603'-0"5'-3"7"150
2D PDF 2D CAD 3D CADPDFAssemblyLA, VA, CA1053'-0"3'-10 3/4"7"100
2D PDF 2D CAD 3D CADPDFAssemblyLA553'-0"2'-8"7"80

• = Molded-in lifting lugs

L = Molded-in ladder attachment lugs

Weights are approximate for shipping estimates only.

55 SAFE-Tank through 405 SAFE-Tank primary and containment tank drawings are included as part of the Assembly Drawing


2" 9752 9755 9753 9756 9754 9757
3" 9758 9761 9759 9762 9760 9763

SAFE-Tank® Leak Detection Devices

Sensor TypePPPFA*

*PFA (PFA Teflon) offers superior stress and crack resistance

Control Box Stand
Stock # 7589