Enhanced Bellows Transition Fitting

A secure yet flexible, fully contained SAFE-Tank® bottom discharge

By incorporating an expansion joint, the tank expands freely during loading and unloading, and it virtually eliminates damage from piping vibrations caused by pumps.

Enhanced Bellows Transition Fitting

With this performance-maximizing fitting:

  • Containment of the expansion joint eliminates the threat of uncontained chemical leaks and dangerous “spurts.”
  • Piping layouts can be fully contained by connecting a dual-wall piping system onto the fitting. This can mean a safer workplace and less threat to the environment.
  • Unsurpassed containment of discharge is allowed on a SAFE-Tank®.

The pressure-tested internal components of the fitting come to you pre-assembled and ready to install.

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SAFE-Tank Installation

PPC Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual

Double Wall Piping from Bellows TRansition Fitting