A complete system for secondary containment

Poly Processing’s SAFE-Tank® is a “tank-within-a-tank” system that keeps contaminants from entering the interstitial area. These tanks provide secondary containment to avoid the damaging of equipment or property, loss of chemical, or injury to employees in the event of a spill.

The SAFE-Tank®

  • Provides 110% secondary containment.
  • Will equalize the liquid and allow the chemical to be used until it is convenient to repair the tank.
  • Is ideal for chemicals like sulfuric acid that can have dangerous exothermic reactions to water.
  • Eliminates the expense, cost and maintenance of secondary concrete containment.
  • Minimizes the system’s footprint by providing secondary containment in a more compact way.
  • Adding a bellows transition fitting will maximize your SAFE-Tank® system's performance.

SAFE-Tank® systems are also available with OR-1000™ for superior antioxidant resistance.



For more information on SAFE-Tank®, download the SAFE-Tank® Guide and the eBook, Choosing the Right Secondary Containment System, below.

Download SAFE-Tank® Guide


Download Secondary Containment eBook

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