An inner-surface technology for four times the antioxidant power

Poly Processing’s exclusive OR-1000™ system was specifically designed to address the aggressive oxidation effects of sodium hypochlorite, sulfuric acid, and hydrochloric acid by adding an additional chemical barrier system between XLPE and the chemical.

OR-1000’s engineered inner surface is made of polyethylene, specifically formulated to resist oxidation. Its outer surface is made of XLPE for superior strength. The 2 surfaces are molecularly bound together during the roto-molding process creating a truly seamless bond between the XLPE and OR-1000 system.

Poly Processing's OR-1000

Advantages of OR-1000™

  • The result gives you four times the antioxidant strength of any polyethylene on the market today!
  • All wetted surfaces are covered by the OR-1000™ system, extending tank life in oxidizing chemical storage environments.
  • OR-1000™ can be used on any of our tanks, including SAFE-Tank® and IMFO® tank systems.

For more information on OR-1000™, download the OR-1000™ Guide below.

Download the OR-1000™ Guide

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