Sloped Bottom Vertical Tanks with IMFO®

Traditional tank maintenance can be a challenge with many chemicals – so Poly has developed a unique sloped bottom tank system that greatly minimizes the hazards associated with traditional vertical tank maintenance. With Poly Processing’s Sloped Bottom Integrally Molded Flanged Outlet tank, or IMFO® system, the flange is molded while the tank is processing, making it a stress-free part of the tank. The floor of the tank is sloped towards the IMFO giving the user the greatest possible full discharge system in a vertical tank design.

The Sloped Bottom IMFO’s advantages are many:Sloped Bottom Tank Image

  • The flange is at the bottom of the tank and the tank floor is sloped, therefore complete full discharge is achieved below the tank knuckle radius, which eliminates the need to enter the tank for cleaning.
  • One-piece construction enhances long-term performance of the tank, since it doesn’t compromise the tank hoop’s integrity or structural design.
  • In aggressive applications, the complete flange face is protected by the antioxidant OR-1000™ system.
  • The Sloped Bottom IMFO allows even heavier materials such as sludge, FOG, and thicker chemicals to discharge completely.

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