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Fats, Oils and Grease

Fat, oil and grease (FOG) management is an ever-growing concern for both solid waste facilities and wastewater treatment plant operators.

  • When not disposed of properly, FOG builds up in the sewer system constricting flow, which can cause sewer back-ups into homes and overflow discharges onto streets.

  • Sewer backups into homes create a health hazard as well as an unpleasant mess that can cost thousands of dollars to clean.

  • In certain cities FOG can enter storm drains and flow directly into water bodies and onto beaches creating serious environmental and health conditions. 

An engineered tank system with the proper fittings and ancillary equipment from Poly Processing can greatly simplify working with FOG.

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For additional information on storing fat, oil, and grease, including recommended tanks and components, download our F.O.G. Guide below.

Download the Fats, Oils, and Greases Guide


Tank Specifications

High-density crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) construction for maximum strength

Integrally Molded Flanged Outlet (IMFO®) for complete drainage

SAFE-Tank® design for "tank-within-a-tank" protection

Recommended System Components

IMFO® Fittings

IMFO® Fittings

Fittings: IMFO® eliminates the need for confined space entry. Available as a Slope-Bottom or Flat-Bottom. 

SAFE-Tank® Double Wall Tank System

SAFE-Tank® Double Wall Tank System

Secondary containment: SAFE-Tank® if concrete containment is not available.

Alternative: PPC secondary containment basin or other secondary containment suitable for chemical, of adequate size for use.

Technical Overview

IMFO® Vertical Flat Bottom of XLPE: 

  • 230–13,650 gallons
  • 1.35 spg rating

IMFO® Vertical Sloped Bottom of XLPE:

  • 3,950–11,800 gallons
  • 1.35 spg rating

Non-IMFO® alternatives:


  • 55–8,700 gallons
  • 1.35 spg rating for primary tank
  • Spg ratings for secondary tanks must be equal to primary tank.
  • All other tank sizes must equal primary tank spg rating.

Standard Vertical Flat Bottom XLPE:

  • 30–13,650 gallons
  • 1.35 spg rating

Secondary Containment 

Recommend SAFE-Tank® secondary XLPE as shown above.

Non-SAFE-Tank® alternatives:

  • PPC secondary containment basin
  • Other secondary containment suitable for FOG of adequate size for use


  • Required use of flexible connections with fittings on lower third of sidewall
    • Allows for lateral and vertical expansion and contraction of the tank
    • Reduces pump and piping vibration stress on the tank
  • Expansion joints must meet the following minimum requirements:
    • Axial Compression ≥ 1.5˝
    • Axial Extension ≥ 0.625˝
    • Lateral Deflection ≥ 0.750˝
    • Angular Deflection ≥ 14°
    • Torsional Rotation ≥ 4°

Venting: See Venting Chart

Foundation and Restraints: 

  • PPC IMFO® tank pad or smooth concrete, asphalt or steel foundation designed to accommodate IMFO®, SAFE-Tank® or vertical tank
  • No restraint or ladder attachment bands circumscribing the tank are allowed. Cable restraint systems must pass cables over the top of the tank.

Temperature:  Product should not exceed 100°F at delivery to prevent damage to tank. 

Options:  Side manways for easy cleaning (as shown), restraint systems for wind and seismic, level gauges, ladders, heating pads, insulation, mixer mounts, and engineering stamp.